Planetlenz is an uncensored studio that fuels pride in planet Earth. 

Do you like to have fun? Pretty simple question.... right? So why do so many of us mimic celebrities, take mediocre holidays that cost a fortune, watch garbage on TV, and eat trash that is not even remotely in our bodies best interest ? 

 Our mission is to provide a stage for those who want to break away from the fucked up "normal things" we currently do as human's.

Design and Entertainment

Increase the Volume  When your way too excited to whisper, what do you do? You crank that shit up! That’s why we encourage everyone to be bold and break the mold. Who grew up dreaming that one day they’d be a follower? Just remember to balance your efforts, because even though the quietest person in the room usually never gets heard, does it really matter when their actions speak louder than their words?


Shut up and Walk  In a world where everybody has an opinion, too much blah blah blah becomes mega unproductive. Starting the conversation is important, but not as important as the next step, witch is actually fucking doing something. If that seems a bit strong, just look around, whats the ratio of walking : talking you see on a daily basis?
Community and Planetary outreach

Stepping outside the realm of the internet
Student of the game   At the beginning of our endeavor, we are learning in as many fields as we can. The best way to do this is through volunteering. Finding gardens, markets, shelters, schools and research development centers that don’t mind having an extra set of helping hands around. This allows us to start building bridges, relationships and knowledge in order for us to grow our understanding on what can be done now and what needs to be done for future  Planetlenz community and environmental outreach programs.
Leveling Up  In order to reach new heights, it is imperative that Planetlenz spreads its roots. Both a foundation of community leaders and physical locations will afford us the ability to create and host Planetlenz run projects for many decades to come.

Our Team 

Faustine Hoffmann
 Co-Founder, Clothing Designer, Nudibranch Finder


Faustine is a graduate of L'Ecole Supérieure Des Métiers De L'image, Du Son Et De La Création 2d-3d..... bit of a long name don't ya think! She has since abandoned her training in 3D animation for Graphic design and Video Editing.... Would you rather create Nemo on a computer or work with the real one in the wild?

Sometimes, in order to break the mold, you need to just drop everything your doing, buy a plane ticket, and fuck right off.....and that's exactly what Faustine did. In her time exploring the world, it not only brought her to far off lands but also to new adventures working as a scuba diving instructor for the past decade. What better way to get close to the things you love than to work alongside them everyday sharing your passion with others.

Now Faustine is smashing together most of our awesome designs here at Planetlenz. She is head of Video Editing for our YouTube channel and chief visionary for our community outreach programs. If she isn't busy with her worm farm, boxing, or swimming with the fishes, she's probably working on something new for Planetlenz.

Mike Workman
Co-Founder, Photography, CVO

Long before the days of co-founding Planetlenz, Mike got himself into making stenciled T-shirts. As someone with "questionable" drawing skill and being friends with many graffiti artists, his way to keep up with the Jones' was to design stencils on the CPU and then cut and paint them on to T-shirts. Then one day, encouraged by a few bong hits, he decided it was a good idea to buy a salt water aquarium, and that's when everything changed.

Taking care of a saltwater aquarium is a lot of work, and not super fair to the animals that live inside them. Realizing that caring for the ocean is way more important than creating a miniature one in your house, Mike set out to live a snow free life surrounded by ocean loving likeminded individuals as a scuba diving instructor. He and his wife Faustine spent the last 8 years working in Komodo, Papua New Guinea, Honduras, Lembeh, Borneo and Thailand. 

Today Mike is cracking out all the stunning photos for Planetlenz. He's been storyboarding our long line of upcoming YouTube videos and streamlining all the logistics and customer relations with our clothing catalogue.



 As we move forward, we will continue to evolve our collections of awesome designs, enrich and integrate new aspects into community outreach projects both online and in the real world and most importantly of all.....never stop inspiring people to break the mold.